And gone again

The haze had dissipated by this morning which was good, although my eyes were still sore and my nose snuffly. We were both exhausted; Destroyer was awake and burbling til past 3, and La Serpiente, moody like every threenager, had been up and down until the wee small hours. How I got to work without breaking down in tears I do not know.

And so today was a bit of a battle, and although La Serpiente went down without much of a struggle (she’d had more exercise today so I think that made her more pliable) Destroyer was again uncooperative. I’d hoped to see my wife this evening, but no such luck. Eventually, I gave up and went for a run, trying to maintain a constant power output rather than going hell for leather up the hills. I think it worked (kind of) though I still need to check my stats in more detail.

I also did some baby body weight exercises with Destroyer: some bench presses and a bit of core work. Now she must be at least a 9kg weight there are new ways for her to come in useful, building a stronger parent. Perhaps this is something to save for posterity.

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