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  • And gone again

    The haze had dissipated by this morning which was good, although my eyes were still sore and my nose snuffly. We were both exhausted; Destroyer was awake and burbling til past 3, and La Serpiente, moody like every threenager, had been up and down until the wee small hours. How I got to work without […]

  • Blue Singapore once more

    The haze has returned, an inconsistent blight upon the city. I check aqicn.org compulsively, obsessing over whether the PM2.5 count is above or below 100 for the past hour, either locking the windows shut against the pollution or opening everything up to let “clean” (below 100) air into the flat. The children, unused to being […]

  • Games Day

    Today was Games Day, so instead of going to the office we trooped down to the beach in Sentosa Island. Unfortunately, the haze was blowing in. When I got up this morning, there was a strong smell of burning in the house but the air quality reading was just 60, so I assumed it was […]

  • Running from the Bungletruck

    I got the bike out of the bomb shelter last night and pumped up the tyres, so I’d be able to ride down to the parkrun (assuming that the good weather would hold). This activated La Serpiente’s Anti-Racing senses, so at about midnight she kicked off and yelled at us for an hour, assuming this […]

  • A bad end to the week

    La Serpiente was up half the night coughing, so instead of going to school this morning I took her to the doctor to get her checked up. The haze is starting to make her wheeze as well as cough and have a runny nose, so I ended up with a small pile of medicine for […]

  • Tired out

    Because I didn’t get to sleep on the flight back from Haneda (middle seat, no way to get comfortable, and missing my neck pillow) I had an interesting day. I went spinning at lunchtime, partly so I could get a shower, but also because I thought might get an energy boost from working out. Instead, […]

  • Recovery Time: 42 Hours and hazy

    This evening, in between eating tofu marinaded in orange sauce and Mexican rice, and catching up on work emails, I tried searching the web for “exercise while wearing N95 mask” because if I carry on getting one run a month I’m going to go crazy. Eventually, I ended up on this page which had some […]

  • Things I learned this weekend

    I’m trying to be more structured about what I post, so today I thought I’d write up what the key things were that I think I learned this weekend – read on for something about dinosaurs, coffee, Elmore Leonard, haze, the importance of reservations, and more about the haze.

  • Rainy Monday Blues

    Back in 2014, in either a display of preparedness or a fairly good demonstration of slamming the stable door after the horse has bolted, everyone in our HDB got given three free 3M antiparticulate masks by the Singapore government. About eleven months after the haze had gone up to 500, and then gone back down […]

  • Broccoli Casserole and its part in my downfall

    After yesterday’s respite, the haze flowed back into Singapore today. We had been thinking about taking La Serpiente swimming, but with the pollution index well into the unhealthy levels, we did the next best thing and took the kids to the mall instead. This gave La Serpiente a chance to act out; she’s been pretty […]