A bad end to the week

La Serpiente was up half the night coughing, so instead of going to school this morning I took her to the doctor to get her checked up. The haze is starting to make her wheeze as well as cough and have a runny nose, so I ended up with a small pile of medicine for her and a very clingy child, who clutched me as much as she could. The air today is filthy; when I look out the window there’s a sort of milky translucence covering everything. It was bad in the morning, and by home time it was well above obnoxious. I begin to wonder if we’ll ever be free of the haze.

As a result of this, and being exhausted from travelling, and waking up in the night, I didn’t have a shower or a proper breakfast this morning, and then had to do the usual day of work, leaving me grumpy by the time I got home and hardly capable of responding to the further cries of our daughters. We had a fairly stressful bathtime which concluded with La Serpiente yelling at me (I think because the towel wasn’t held at quite the right angle from perpendicular, but who can really tell?) and then I had to take her into our bedroom to read her stories because when separated from her mother she wouldn’t do anything but wail.

So after an hour and a half I really needed to relax, which I did the only way I know how – I filed my expenses. When I was (mostly) done with that I tried to purchase travel insurance (I have the most wild Friday nights, I know) but the website I was using crashed, possibly sucking all my credit card details into some horrible corner of the internet.

After all this form filling, I hoped to be doing something enjoyable, but now it’s close to midnight, my wife is probably passed out in the other room and I should really go to sleep.

So in short: a rubbish, rubbish day. Tomorrow should be better.

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