Tired out

Because I didn’t get to sleep on the flight back from Haneda (middle seat, no way to get comfortable, and missing my neck pillow) I had an interesting day. I went spinning at lunchtime, partly so I could get a shower, but also because I thought might get an energy boost from working out. Instead, I was narcoleptic by three p.m., and hallucinating zeppelins by five. So that made for a few fun phone calls.

People often complain about how European and US airlines offer poor service compared with Asian carriers, but I don’t think they’ve experienced the annoyance of landing at Singapore on an ANA flight. The plane was parked on the tarmac fae from the terminal, and after descending a wobbly set of stairs a us drove us around basically all of the airport, finally dumping us at the arrivals hall about half an hour after we landed. I was so glad after that odyssey that I could avoid the immigration line, although today the automatic gate told me I was suspicious and should go to the Duty Officer Counter. Which I did, where a bored Singaporean looked me up and down and told me to be on my way.

So hurray for automated immigration controls, and travelling with hand baggage only. I got home at seven and found all the ladies asleep on my bed, the only space for me being if I curled up at the end of the bed, so my wife could kick me in the head every ten minutes until it was time to get up and take La Serpiente to school. What an efficient future.

And hooray for the pollution level dropping. Although who knows if that’s for 24 hours or the rest of the year? I’m desperate to catch up with all the running missed due to haze, but right now the most reliable way to exercise seems to be a flight back to Tokyo…

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