Anniversary celebrations

Today was the twelfth anniversary of my wife and I starting to date, so we celebrated* by having the girls yell at me for making too suspenseful a bedtime story about the four pigs (who are now at ninja school and causing all kinds of continuity problems, what with a giant Pig Detective, a camp dragon and other silliness) and then when they were asleep we drank booze and watched Bob’s Burgers, with a not particularly great episode about family photos (Linda, Bob’s wife, can be just a little too grating sometimes).
I did 20 pull ups – my simple plan for March is to do twenty every day, because I failed to do that in February so now I have a harder month to do it in. Will I managed 620 by the end of the month? That’s almost 50% more than January, but then I’m stronger now than I was on January first.

Otherwise, a quiet day. I had my weekly Blood Bowl league match, where I scored early and could have been cruising to a nice win, but it all went wrong and by the end I had 2 players on the field to his 10, and he was in scoring distance to win. And then he failed to pick the ball up (losing on a 1/9 chance) so I took a draw, particularly pleasing because the last time I played this guy, he spanked me 4-1.

Halfway through the match La Serpiente made me jump out of my skin by coming up behind me and yelling "Bread!!" in my ear, because my girls love to startle me, and because we were out of bread. I ran to the corner store to buy some, but they had sold out, so I ran home and had the rest of the match to regret that decision. Ah, life is good sometimes…

  • My wife bought me a candle and a drink too, because she’s thoughtful like that…

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