Anniversary time

It was my parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary today, and rather than fly home for it, we had a Zoom call. I guess a good thing about a global pandemic is that we didn’t spend lots of time on planes or in airports this summer.
It’s really quite odd to see photographs of your parents when they’re younger than you are right now; like a version of time travel where the past really is (mostly) black and white. There was also a photo of the time that my sister dressed me up in a leotard; I don’t recall this at all, but that’s quite a few lifetimes we’ve all had.

So it was lovely to see the extended family for an hour this morning. Then we went off and had a big row because La Serpiente was refusing to have her teeth brushed before her sister, which cast something of a pall over the day, and indeed I seemed to spend most of the rest of the day stamping around and yelling about things.

But on the positive side, we’ve tidied up our back porch, fixed a set of shelves that have been wonky since we moved in a year ago, and framed another picture. I even found a nail so I could put it up on the wall if I had a trustworthy hammer.

And now, to sleep, to dream…

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  1. It was really lovely to see everyone, and here’s some simple stats for you. Four countries, four different time zones and two continents !

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