Another achievement unlocked

I made Destroyer ride her bike to the Dane today. It’s a cafe up on 80th, five blocks north and uphill all the way from our house. When La Serpiente managed that, it was a sign that she was ready to start doing longer distances, and so I’ve managed that with Destroyer about eighteen months earlier.
She rode the whole way without complaint, and then when she didn’t get a treat immediately she also didn’t complain, as we rode all the way back home again before I gave her a bite of a cookie. So very pleased with that.

I was exhausted though; I’d got to sleep late on the sofa, and woken up early, so I struggled for the rest of the day. I finally managed this evening to fill in my FBAR form – the US requires people to list all their foreign bank accounts, and I have about 37, so that was no mean task.

Then we watched Spaceballs, a film where surprisingly both of us seem to know 90% of the dialogue. So that was … odd. And thus to bed. Birthday celebrating to follow tomorrow, although the locals seem to be letting off the fireworks now…

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