Another attempt

I went to Mox this evening for another game of Blood Bowl, as I continue to test out rules for the tournament. I made some sloppy mistakes and the dice weren’t with me, but I executed almost completely on my scheme: drive an enormous dwarf-powered lawnmower over the opposition, avoid scoring in the first half, decimate the opposition and then steamroller a 1-0 win in the second half.
Apart from killing one opposing player, I failed to put the hurt on, and lost three of my players. Still, with two turns to go I could have tied the match 0-0, but a lucky pick up on the ball and a few bad rolls by me and I was down to 1-0 by the final turn – but better than last time, even if this wasn’t an excellent performance on my part. I did at least do what I’d planned to – I don’t think this is necessarily a winning team roster, but it makes you think. Dwarfs are too slow for my loosey-goosey style of play though. Maybe I need to work on that.

I didn’t just play Blood Bowl today: we tidied the house some more, and as my new monitor has arrived, I put my current one downstairs as a TV for the kids to watch. And while my wife was out, played them the trailers for Robocop, Terminator and Total Recall. None of which are the films they want for Friday movie night. I can but dream…

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