Another Blood Bowl match

After work today I went over to Bellevue and met a school principal in the worryingly named MOX Boarding House, a gaming cafe. I’ve joined a tabletop Blood Bowl league in Northern Seattle, and this was the first game for the Prominent Vegans. (Well, they had two outings in Bromley in February, but those weren’t league matches, just friendlies.)
It wasn’t the best of starts for the Vegans. They lost 2-0 and were beset by bad positioning in the first half of the game, and dire dice rolls in the second half of the game. On the positive side, none of the players were seriously injured and we killed one of the opposition’s players, so the team gained some experience. When you don’t make any money from the match but your rival coach has to spend all the money he made on rebuilding his team, there’s som satisfaction to take.

However, unlike the demented bellowing and slamming of dice at Moose Bowl, my opponent today was much more taciturn, and it seemed to take a very long time for him to demolish my Vegans. Afterwards, shell shocked I stumbled into the restaurant area and had dinner to settle my nerves, broken by it all.

Then I went home, and contemplated playing again, but I’d probably done enough for one day, so I contented myself with checking my coach rankings for tournaments on the worldwide site, and then got ready for bed.

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