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  • Great Expectations

    What you expect to happen, Vs what does happen For some reason, I conditioned myself to believe that events that have a 2/3 chance of occurring will never happen, and events with a 1/6 chance of not happening will always happen. In Blood Bowl, most things that a baseline human player will do (picking up […]

  • First first

    Today we took the kids for their covid vaccinations (totally uneventful, they were solid little things) and then doughnuts, and I dropped them off near where we’re staying and zoomed up to Everett with my Wood Elf team, Wooden It Be Nice If We Got Older, to compete in the Gravy Bowl.

  • Chaos Cup Sevens 2021

    My flight was an hour late leaving Seattle, and I only had a ginger ale and some almonds to eat, and then snarled up traffic meant I arrived at the hotel about twenty minutes before the tournament started. And I stank.

  • Things to take to the Chaos Cup

    It’s Tuesday night and I’m starting to panic a bit about what I should be taking to the Chaos Cup in Chicago. So far it’s: Three sets of block dice (my Fumbbl ones that are easy to read, my Skaven ones because they’re official GW ones, and another set) Four NAF D6s, a D8 and […]

  • All I ever wanted to know about marking skills in Blood Bowl

    There’s lots of things to worry about before you play your first table top tournament, and a big one is how to mark the skills your players have. Unlike some other games, there’s no WYSIWYG rule – if you roster a team where one guy has tentacles, another has 2 heads and a third has […]

  • Nurgle in Blood Bowl 2020

    It’s a bit odd to refer to Blood Bowl 2020, as the rules only came out at the end of November and so I won’t even get to play a match in the 2020 version until some way into 2021, but that’s the name (or Blood Bowl Second Season, if you want to take Games […]

  • Nikk Three Horn Cup

    Today I returned to the Evergreen Lanes bowling lanes for another Blood Bowl tournament – this time four full games, starting at 9 in the morning and carrying on until very late.

  • Stunly Cup

    Today I drove up to Man Overboard Games, about 30 miles north of Seattle, for a Blood Bowl tournament. It was Sevens, one of my favourite formats, and I took my beloved Skaven, who’ve been pretty reliable for me (I should probably play some other teams soon though).

  • Chaos Cup Day 2

    A day after I left Chicago, enough perspective to write it up… I have a theory that Blood Bowl doesn’t bring out the best in people. It brings out the most, the essential part of you. If you’re a kind and sportsmanlike person, you’re that, but more so. If you have anger management issues, it […]

  • A hard day at the Chaos Cup

    I woke a little hungover this morning from a couple of glasses of wine, and went off to play in the Chaos Cup. The format is four games on the Saturday, followed by two more tomorrow. I started with a game against Dwarves. With my scantily armoured rats, Dwarves are one of the worst teams […]