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  • Chaos Cup Sevens

    Today I played in a Blood Bowl Sevens tournament in Chicago, the warm up to the main tournament happening tomorrow and Sunday. As the name suggests, Sevens plays with smaller teams – no more than seven on the pitch at once, with strict limits on skills and the ability to reroll dice when things go […]

  • New Scotland Blood Bowl

    Today I got up early and walked to thr inaugural New Scotland Blood Bowl tournament, stopping on the way to buy a doughnut and a cup of dreadful coffee from Tim Horton’s. The tournament was a chilled out affair. My previous experiences of Canadian Blood Bowlers have been that they’re all nice people but also […]

  • Too much Blood Bowl in one day

    Today a parcel arrived at my parents’ house, containing the picture I’d commissioned from Pete Knifton, the original artist on Blood Bowl. It had taken a while to arrive, but it was just what I had asked for. I’d asked for a goblin in a top hat smoking a cigar and riding a pogo stick, […]

  • Leaving in a rush

    On Friday, my manager wished me safe travels, hoping I wouldn’t miss my flight because I was too busy playing Blood Bowl. Obviously, the first thing I did on waking this morning was to carefully pack and prepare for my flight this evening. In some parallel universe.

  • Golden Tentacle 2019

    I went to bed late last night, having had to cross town in a panic to get my dice from where I’d left them in the office. My dice. My super hot dice.

  • Another Blood Bowl match

    After work today I went over to Bellevue and met a school principal in the worryingly named MOX Boarding House, a gaming cafe. I’ve joined a tabletop Blood Bowl league in Northern Seattle, and this was the first game for the Prominent Vegans. (Well, they had two outings in Bromley in February, but those weren’t […]