New Scotland Blood Bowl

Today I got up early and walked to thr inaugural New Scotland Blood Bowl tournament, stopping on the way to buy a doughnut and a cup of dreadful coffee from Tim Horton’s.

The tournament was a chilled out affair. My previous experiences of Canadian Blood Bowlers have been that they’re all nice people but also totally drunk so the calmer, more sober Nova Scotians were a bit of a shock.

Also, every team seemed to have taken Block on as many players as possible. None of the bonkers nonsense I’d have tried with my Skaven or another team. Luckily, I’d brought Dwarfs, where basically the whole team has Block, so I fitted right in there.

My first game was against a guy with elves and one piece with Guard and I started off badly, losing a player in the first turn, and only narrowly squaekd a draw. In my second match I went up against orcs and got in one touchdown, but failed to stop an equalising score. So two 1-1 results

I’m not sure I like dwarf teams. There’s a certain flair to playing them but they’re slow and not agile so the plays I like making I don’t get to do. I’m also not sure whether, with a bashy opponent, to take the kick off or not.

My third game was against more elves, and this was what my team was apparently built to destroy. I sacked his ball carrier before he could score and then ran the ball in for a score at the very end of the first half. Then in thr second half I was on thr offence, and smashed his team off the pitch. By the time I scored for a second time he had maybe five players left, and by my third score he had three. I fouled players and bribed the ref. I pushed players into the crowd to get beaten up. I was a monster. By the end I felt quite bad, but he seemed happy enough.

So as a result I won the runner up prize today (I couldn’t quite make it to pull off enough wins) but that means, I think, I’m getting stronger in tournaments. And I got a prize that was worth more the my entry fee, and two free dice, so everything went pretty well for me today. I’ve also now played Blood Bowl in four countries this year.

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