Chaos Cup Sevens

Today I played in a Blood Bowl Sevens tournament in Chicago, the warm up to the main tournament happening tomorrow and Sunday. As the name suggests, Sevens plays with smaller teams – no more than seven on the pitch at once, with strict limits on skills and the ability to reroll dice when things go wrong.
In my first match, my biggest error was to miscount turns in the first half. I thought I’d scored and left him only one turn to score, when he had two, and that’s what he did. The second half was a grind as he worked down the pitch and beat me 2-1. On the flip side, I inflicted 4 casualties and didn’t take any in return.

My second match… Well, that was just dreadful. I was unlucky throughout – I lost the kick off, his team had more fans, there was a pitch invasion where only my players were hurt, and I couldn’t get close to the ball. It’s not all luck, but I seemed incapable of doing anything successfully – that was a hard one to recover from. I did get two more casualties though. Losing 3-0 does suck, though.

That meant my third match was a battle for the wooden spoon. My opponent had been having an even worse time of it, and I had terrific dice, to compensate for such dreadful ones before. It’s also unfair because he had Nurgle, one of the slowest and clumsiest teams, against my Skaven, the fastest team on the pitch. I scored 3 times to his zero, and then on the last turn of the game my weediest player sprinted across the pitch and knocked one of his players down, getting my 9th casualty of the evening.

So I avoided the wooden spoon and won the Most Brutal Award for most casualties, which goes to show you shouldn’t ever give up at Blood Bowl.

Or you shouldn’t play while drinking red wine. Will try to be sober tomorrow.

And so to bed…

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