Another calming Sunday

The children were pretty good today; not to be unduly optimistic, but we may be out of Destroyer’s Angry Phase at last.
In the morning we went down to Ballard Market; I wanted to get a poster framed, but it turned out to be a strange "European" size which meant a frame would cost me $80. Or, as the lady in the shop told me, I should go to IKEA. Except I’d glady pay $80 to not have to go to IKEA. It’s difficult…

We we t around the market, replenished our stock of cider, then took the girls on a hike. Or rather, we walked up and down a few muddy hills in Discovery Park, then went to a park near our house so the girls could play on the swings.

Then it was home to play the Newfoundland Jam Game, which the kids adore more than Blood Bowl, to my obvious chagrin, and then I put them to bed, went to the sauna for 15 minutes, then spent the rest of my evening happily gluing Blood Bowl figures together.

I really should start reading books. It’s almost the end of January and I’ve barely started a single one.

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