Another cold day

The bad thing about playing Cyberpunk is that you get amped up with the excitement of running around a made-up city with Keanu Reeves, and then you can’t sleep. So I didn’t get much rest, eventually falling asleep at 4 am. That made today a real grind.
It was also very cold today. I sat up in my makeshift office, a candle and a tiny air heater to keep me warm, and did pull ups from time to time, hoping this was enough.

I survived, though, and this evening, after putting the girls to bed and then falling asleep (a warm darkened room is such a blessing), I had a game of Blood Bowl which I won 2-1. Although my volume has dropped a lot this year, that’s now 7 games won and 4 drawn out of 18; my loss rate is down to a creditable 39%. And then I spent two hours tooling around in Cyberpunk again. I really need to be more efficient with my use of time…

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