Another daring escape

I worked from home today, and about 1pm one of our contractors had to fiddle with some wiring, and as a result my internet connection dropped, just as I was getting ready for a call. My phone has pretty bad reception in our basement so I went up to the balcony.
Of course, Frogmorton wanted to come out with me, so I let him come out, and then as I was talking I saw him eying up the railing, and then making another leap up onto it, and starting to walk along the roof again.

Froggy came back, and then as if to tease me began walking along the top of the railing, at which point I had to bundle him off it and put him back inside. No escape, no injuries.

Poor old Destroyer collided with a metal pole during recess and hurt her neck, and so she was home all day from 9:30. What with being sick and then running into things, she’s having quite the week. Two more days to go before she’s safe…

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