Another day

The day started gloomily enough, as I woke up late with a sore back, which I assume was from leaning over and pushing Destroyer around the park on her bike. It was wet and windy and I looked forward to a day of the kids being angry and bored. And La Serpiente had a class starting at 9.
Fortunately, the sun came out and I could give Destroyer another lesson in riding her bike. She has to have the pedals just so, or else she can’t start riding; I was similarly specific about things at her age, and so although that’s a little frustrating, you get past it.

As I also expected, she didn’t get back on with exactly the competence she’d finished yesterday with. But it was starting from a higher base, and by the end she’d done two laps without a break, without me pushing her. Perhaps a ride to the seaside is not as far away as I’d thought.

Work today was a bit up and down; some meetings were productive, some less so, and some things I’d hoped to achieve were stuck in a slough of indecision or confusion. But you carry on, and on, and on, until you get there.

I wrote up my MBA presentation. I still have to record it, which is proving to be a little complicated (I think I need to record a video meeting with myself, but such solipsistic approaches are harder than you expect). Still, ever onward.

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