Another day…

It was warm again in Seattle but nothing like the ludicrous heatwave in the UK – the hot weather is meant to hit us next week, just as the women in my life head off to Canada. Maybe I’ll just move my desk to the living room and remain cool and collected for a month.
The work on the house continues unabated, although we continue to risk getting out ahead of our skis: the trick is to have the work go fast enough to have the house finished, while not so fast that you hit cash flow problems. We just received a new valuation for our house though, and in three years it’s increased by $400,000, an almost mind bending amount (when I bought a house in 2003, it didn’t cost anything like that much) that I don’t think figures in any of the improvements like the basement, the solar panels, the utter destruction of the garden… Suffice it to say, as long as we can manage to keep paying the mortgage off, we should be comfortable. When we’re done.

If we’re ever done.

So, there’s less to stress about. Tomorrow I take La Serpiente for an eye exam, and spend the rest of the day working. Onwards, to the next big adventure…

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