Another day at the pool

The girls had another birthday party at Lynnwood Pool today, and this time we were the only people there, so the pool was restful and calm with only 15 kids in it. We hadn’t realized that we had access to the adjacent pool as well, so as well as the water slides and the giant bucket of water that tips over playing kids, there was a lap pool to calm down in.

I’d woken up with a headache, then played Blood Bowl hunched over my living room table and had a sore back all day, but I survived all of this. The girls squabbled because I had to fit three kids in the back seat of the car and La Serpiente ended up in the middle, which she wasn’t happy about. At least they all got cupcakes and balloons.

Returning home this evening there was a party to celebrate the park opposite us being ten years old. There was a Cajun folk band, followed by the kids from the School Of Rock doing a set of heavy rock, to an audience of twenty sleep deprived kids. Then we put them to bed (slow to get them down, despite their exhaustion) and then I got to check on my 3d printing.

Then, with my wife struggling to keep her eyes open, we rewatched the latest Bond film, and then… bed.

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