Another day back

Monday came around fast. Both girls were off school today, because Destroyer’s preschool was closed for a teacher education day, so we had to try to entertain both girls. At least it didn’t rain so they could get outside a bit, but I was stuck in calls or rushing to return our rental car until 3pm today, by which point I was starving hungry and my wife was at her wits’ end.
So I took the kids to the park and they yelled at me, and then we went inside, and they worked on a sign for their Japanese restaurant, which is either called Otarrio or Felicity (I’m not so good at reading hiragana).

This wasn’t so bad, but without a lot of exercise La Serpiente struggles to go to sleep – it took over an hour to get her down, when she’s usually passed out in five minutes. I have some space between meetings tomorrow and should be able to get her out on her bike to wear her out.

Then a quiet evening – a bit of TV, listening to the rain, forgetting to put the bins out. In two days we go to full shutdown in Washington, so this is the last of normality for us. If you can call this normal.

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