Another day of working from home

Today I spent a lot of the time on video conferencing, which is a smarmy way of saying I was paid to stay at home and watch TV. More industriousness tomorrow.
Strangely, March seems colder than February. Perhaps this is because it’s not snowing, so I leave the house, but the temperatures are still absolutely baltic. I rode to pick up Destroyer from school at lunchtime, overestimated the distance and arrived five minutes late to freeze my butt off outside.

But on the positive side, I’ve discovered we’ve been overpaying for rubbish collection for the last 8 months. The previous owners had got two garbage bins, both of enormous size, and I thought that was normal, and only ever used o e, which we could never fill. Today I happened to find out we could halve our waste collection bill by downgrading to smaller bins, and reduce it even more by getting rid of the surplus one. So that’s annoying to discover but good to know for the future.

The only other upgrade is that La Serpiente is rapidly becoming proficient on her unicycle. She can now lurch from table to table in the park, totally unaided. That may only be a couple of metres, but I feel certain we’re on the cusp of her becoming totally competent, just like she suddenly did on her bike.

Oh, and Destroyer had a haircut, which makes me sad because I love her long mane, but probably makes her happier. Onwards to the next adventure!

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