Another day off

I had Monday off as well, and the day was warm and sunny. I got up early, played a game of Blood Bowl in my Australian league (drew 1-1, the best result for me so far this season), drank some cold brew coffee I made yesterday, and then sat in a chair in the garden while the girls frolicked.

Most of the day went very well. I had to yell at La Serpiente for trying to ride her unicycle through the glass door to our living room, but mostly we were outside, and she showed off her still astounding ability to ride her unicycle. Totally fearless. The only thing that scares me is her forgetfulness when it comes to left and right. And north and south. And east and west. Ah well.

I took the girls out for their regular ride to the cliffs. They ate chocolate bunny heads, I took them for a cookie, I bought La Serpiente a pair of gloves for her bike, as she’s been asking for a while, and she was made up. Perhaps that will encourage ever further feats of derring-do. She wants to use them on her unicycle too. For the imaginary handlebar?

I read The Crimson King today, another novel about Space Marines. This is maybe the third book I’ve read this year, so I feel guilt about not reading much. Less guilt about reading Space Marine novels, strangely enough.

We’re trying to transition the girls back to one parent being sufficient to put them to bed. Tonight that was me, and I ended up sandwiched between both girls, rejecting the concept of bunk beds in favour of all being jammed in together. Do they do this on purpose, do you think?

There’s more cold brew in the fridge. The day is giving me time to experiment with coffee.

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