Another day off

Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday in the US, which is a strange concept that means some people get the day off and others don’t, and there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason for the differences. It’s not like all office workers get the day off and people in retail have to work. I was quite lucky because my employer does give me this day off, but my clients were working and grumbling a bit that I didn’t have to have phone calls with them.
Instead, I had some regret that when La Serpiente sang a song she’d made up about jam, I failed to record any of her epic. I did get video footage of Destroyer’s Nutcracker dance (Destroyer pooing while shouting "Nutcracker! Nutcracker!") so that compensated a bit.

We had to pay a fee to our lawyers for our will and trust, and because this is the 21st century they couldn’t take a payment via a card, and we don’t have a cheque book, so I had to go and get some cash from the bank and carry it to them. Which was odd.

I don’t think that was the most exciting trip for the girls, but after that we took them to the park over the road from our house, and made them play until they were exhausted, and then they tried to play Gaslands and fell to bits from too much emotion.

Once they were asleep, I got to go out and swim. I did 10 laps (I thought I’d done 12,but miscounted), 15 minutes in the sauna, and then went home, ready to faint.

I hired a car this weekend; a Chevrolet Malibu, which sounds glamorous but is just a medium sized sedan mostly made from hard black plastic. In its favour it has heating controls that are possible to understand (unlike the Ford I had the previous week) and you could switch on the engine remotely. That seems a bit less useful because it won’t drive itself, but you can’t have everything. I have lots more cars to rent for the next three months, which should hopefully educate me a out what sort of car I like most. I checked with the girls. They want a red one.

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