Another early morning

This morning I went to Stone Gardens with my friend Rob, to get a bit of climbing in before work. Stone Gardens is a fairly large climbing gym in Ballard, and the area we stayed mostly in, upstairs, is a lot of overhangs and ceilings to climb over, which meant after half an hour we had worn out our shoulders and hands, and at that point I should have given up the ghost and gone back to bed.
Instead, I went to the office and had meetings, and tried to work through various complicated things, generally getting baffled and confused. Which may have been because I was exhausted from climbing, or jet lag, or because I’m old. Who can say?

I kept the knowledge that I’d dangled by both arms from some enormous hold for a while. That kept me going, but now I am basically gone. And so to bed.

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  1. I’ve got a sore shoulder so overhangs are a no-no at the moment – it’s amazing how many walls there are I had never realised are slightly overhanging. I’m sure that must have been a good workout!

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