Another early start

I had a very early start this morning, with a 630 conference call. I’d been up until past midnight rage scrolling across the internet, so I wasn’t at my best. I struggled through that hour, then had a follow up call, and then my wife prevailed on me to drive her and the girls to Phinney Ridge, where they gambolled in the sun all day.

If there was any justice to the world, I’d have then gone back to bed but no, I had more phone calls, so that was basically my day. I fell asleep next to Destroyer while putting the girls to bed, after reading them the first chapter of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. (I tried telling it to them the night before from memory, and got things about half right, although I’d forgotten some names and muddled the order in which the children discover Narnia.)

Then, off to swim. My watch is meant to be smart and understand how I’m swimming, but today it claimed I’d swim two lengths of the pool rather than twelve, which is remarkably inaccurate. Getting the wrong count is not as annoying as having the splits messed up, because that’s how I’m trying to figure out if I’m getting better or not. I think I did two lots of two uninterrupted lengths, but honestly my memory starts to go after swimming back and forth so much. At least I didn’t choke or try to breathe in while submerged today… Gradual improvements.

On Wednesday we’re off on spring break, my first proper holiday since the pandemic began. We’ve yet to pack or plan much at all, apart from maybe the animal park at Sequim, so it’s a mystery how things will turn out, but I trust in strong coffee and doughnuts. Onwards…

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