Another exhausting day

This morning I woke at 5:15 to find both our daughters had crept into bed with us, and so I crawled out, played two and a half games of Blood Bowl (losing two and drawing one) before we went out to breakfast at Serious Pie.
Destroyer demanded pizza again and again, but only got a biscuit and some fruit. We had a vegetable frittata (which I didn’t like) and a salad (which my wife didn’t like, so I guess on average we were happy. Then, after several disappointing coffees, we went out for a walk in the downtown area.

As it was Saturday it was quiet; we got a better coffee at Elm Coffee Roasters (I was then up to 3 espressos today) and met a Canadian (who we correctly identified as such because he was wearing a Roots shirt – back in Taiwan in 2010 my wife raced after some apparent Canadians, who turned out to be non-English-speaking Taiwanese with Roots shirts, so it’s not that good a form of identification)), before heading back, taking our duvet to the dry cleaners, and then depositing our kids with a friend for the afternoon while we went to view houses.

I lost track of how many houses we saw, but there was a variety. There were houses I had to bully my wife into looking at, which she liked. There were houses she wasn’t enthusiastic about, and then I wasn’t too. And there were three that we both agreed we could live in, so on balance we seem to be in a spot where we can be optimistic.

And so, onwards.

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