Another good day

We took delivery of a freshly baked pie and two fresh ice packs this morning, as a friend drove up from Ballard to visit our campsite. She also brought her two sons, so we had accomplices for our hike.
After a few days where the only human contact they’d had was their parents, the girls were a bit all over the place, but given time they adjusted and stopped squawking just because every game didn’t conform exactly to the rules in their heads.

It helped that we went to the Finn River Cidery at lunch, which has a great children’s play area (two old tractor tyres and some gravel), so they could entertain themselves while we ate cider and drank pizza, or however that works.

The Cidery also has a free charger, so we got three hours of charge on the car, before bumbling off to eat ice cream and explore the area a bit more.

Exploration got as far as stopping at a coppersmith, who turned out to be dour and vaguely suspicious of anyone wearing masks. Ah, the countryside. Maybe if he’d been less grumpy I’d have bought a giant copper salmon sculpture. So we all lost out there.

Then home, to make bruschetta, drink cider, read Three Men In A Boat to Destroyer, and otherwise prepare for bed.

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