Another hard run on the Corridor

This afternoon I went for a two hour run. I felt justified in slipping away from the bosom of my family, because we’d kept La Serpiente awake until 2:30 this afternoon, delaying her nap until she had a dead-eyed, empty stare, so she napped until 4, which meant she wasn’t going to go to bed until super late tonight, and also because I’ve hardly run in weeks and the best way to compensate for lassitude is to run as much as you possibly can. Which is what I attempted.

I was assisted in this endeavour by one of my friends, who’s training for the Osaka marathon in October, and is currently running 60-80 km every week. Going out for a 24 km run this afternoon wasn’t such a big stretch for him, whereas it soon turned out to be for me. 

The Green Corridor is very dry and hard packed at the moment, after however long without rain, and to begin with we set off at a fairly reasonable pace, but that was a reasonable pace if you weren’t doing two hours. I kept up for the first 5k or so, then slowly began to go backwards faster and faster. My legs were dead and my head wasn’t much better.

I’m not sure how I pulled myself round, with my friend vanishing into the distance and me feeling like I was going to die. We ran 9k up the Corridor and 9 back down, then did a loop round the back of Tanjong Pagar, eventually dumping me out by my home. By then I was far gone, having to be coaxed to make it just a few hundred yards down the street to the traffic lights, rather than crawling into a bush to weep.

I got home in time for the end of dinner. Sweating so much that I couldn’t see, I stood blinded in the hallway until someone brought me a towel, and then had a painful bath and bedtime with the girls as I couldn’t bend properly. So, a successful return to the trails.

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