Another jab

This morning, after I’d dropped the girls at school, my wife and I went up to the Shoreline Community College to get booster shots. We’ve been unsuccessfully searching for a place to get a shot for a week or two (trying various drugstores in Ballard, all with at least a two week wait for an appointment) so when I looked on the University of Washington’s website yesterday and realised I could get an appointment for the next day, I leapt at the chance. Now, if it’s like our second shot and we feel dreadful tomorrow, then it was a poor decision for us both to do it on the same day, but we’ll miss that bridge when we come to it.
Anyway, we were done in a few moments: there was no line for vaccinations, almost as many staff there as people looking for a shot, which makes me think they need to communicate more about the availability. We drove home and I went on with my day.

This was also the day I put the third of my 17 different Invisalign retainers in. I’ve noticed that the first day with each new one seems to be the worst: over a week, my mouth adjusts to the strains the retainers exert, and then the fresh one, being a different shape, makes you go through that all again. I’m trying to get better at planning out meals, but it’s still a struggle to get as much food in to myself three times a day, and still have teeth clean and ready for the aligners to go back in.

The children fell asleep swiftly, another boon for us tonight. I can only hope they don’t have a disturbed night’s sleep, because that and the vaccine impact might be a bit too rich a combination to take tomorrow morning.

Finally, we had good news and bad news on our house. The plumbing inspection has passed, which means we should be able to start drywalling soon. But the framing inspection hasn’t passed, because we need our architect to update the plans he submitted to the city. Like we asked six months ago. My wisdom in volunteering to catsit for friends in February, when we were ostensibly going to have moved back into our house, is looking greater by the moment. And to extract one positive from this delay, it gets closer to the date that the IRS pay out my tax refund, making paying for the last work on the house easier. But I want to be done!

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