Another long day

After all the evening shenanigans last night, I woke up feeling like there was grit in my brain. I managed to get La Serpiente to her climbing lesson, and scared myself with a few goes on the auto-belay, but that wore me out so much that when I got her back home, I had to have a nap for an hour after lunch.
La Serpiente was too busy scootering around to nap, which meant (as she had woken early after a disturbed night’s sleep too) she was getting quite manic, and then on the way to swimming both her and her sister crashed down the other side. They were so quiet that my driver thought they’d both fallen asleep. I suppose it’s preferable to her wailing about how unfair life is when she doesn’t get what she wants.

So she and her sister both swam well, and then we got a car instantly to get us home, which meant they had no snacks after swimming and were therefore ravenous. I delivered them into the arms of their mother and then ran out to have drinks at Lucha Loco’s 6th birthday party, which included tacos, Mexican wrestlers and crazy pan pipe music.

And then, drunk and bloated, home to bed.

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