Another long one

Today I had a call with Europe and Hong Kong, and like a fool I volunteered to have it at 630, to give me time to take La Serpiente to school afterwards. To look professional, I had my computer crash two minutes before the call was meant to start, and then for the next hour threatening thumps and muffled shouts came through the ceiling from the girls’ bedroom.
Still, I got La Serpiente to school just in time, then went to work where I was tired all day, and in the evening met my old manager from Expedia for a drink or two at a Mexican joint in downtown. I drank, I got drunk, I got a car home just in time to get rained on running in the house, put the kids to bed fell asleep, and then woke up to play Blood Bowl against a computer and then struggle off to bed.

Do a productive day, I guess. More on that tomorrow.

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