Another lovely day

I woke a bit late, drank coffee, ordered a coffee grinder and a milk frothet so we can start to be self sufficient, and started the day prpper with meetings and spreadsheets.
Once again the sun was shining, birds in trees, flowers in bloom, etc. I had the kids at lunchtime and they refused to go out and have fun, demanding to play with Lego instead. At least I managed, by bribing them with treats, to get them on the bicycle by Kate afternoon, returning home in time to get in my scheduled run.

The girls again demanded to put themselves to bed, jt this time they wanted us to read to them first. And then there was no tomfoolery on their part, so we got to have a restful evening where I played too much Blood Bowl and half watched a terrible Mark Wahlberg film. So, everything in its rightful place. Onwards to tomorrow!

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