Another move

We packed up and moved house again today, possibly one of our last moves before we get back into our own house again. I drove the girls over to a birthday party in a park on the other side of Seattle, then had a quixotic quest for a doughnut (which I had to eat in tiny bites, as I still can’t chew) before heading back and packing the car up.
We only had about two car loads of stuff to shift, so I packed the car, collected the kids, dropped stuff off then did two more runs (including all the trips to check we really had moved out).

Having done all of that, put the kids to bed, had La Serpiente fail to sleep for hours, had a call with my best man and his wife up in BC, and then retired to bed. My mouth is still sore, but I hope tomorrow a combination of rice pudding, ibuprofen and Blood Bowl gets me through the day.

Oh, and the girls get vaccinated tomorrow. So we’re on the up.

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