Another night, another day

Destroyer and I got up early and went out to buy bread for breakfast. Thunder began to rumble in the distance and Destroyer was fascinated to watch the lightning strikes, while I tried and failed to get a loaf of sourdough
We went home, everyone had cereal, and it rained and rained and rained.

Somewhere in the middle of this, I got the girls out for a walk, but they spent almost all the day indoors. They both fell asleep fast tonight though, giving us the chance to waste our lives for a few hours staring at the TV, before, with a loud thunp, Destroyer got out of bed and came looking for us.

We did get to watch Extraction, a fearsomely violent film where Chris Hemsworth goes to Bangladesh and kills lots of peolle. That was a bit dark.

And in local news, there’s a riot or a curfew or both in Seattle at the moment. One more day to our first anniversary of moving to this country…

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