Another regular Valentine’s Day

I did two workouts in VR today, one in the morning before starting work (8 minutes) and one at the end of the day (50 minutes) and as a result I’m pretty exhausted. I think I forced myself into these to compensate for eating a whole box of Valentine’s chocolates today. I hope it all events out.
I had a busy day with calls and coding that never seemed to stop, and that precluded playing with the dog, who looked at me with huge sad brown eyes until eventually I admitted my error and threw a ball for him to chase. Which he then lost in a bush, the great big hairy brute, so playtime was soon over again. At least my wife took him for a walk in the evening to stop him going totally stir crazy. The girls, meanwhile, more interested in reading or watching unboxing videos on YouTube, prove their unsuitability for pet ownership.

I ordered some dental tools from Amazon (these are to allow me to do some sculpting with Green Stuff to amend some of my new Blood Bowl team) but obviously, sweating it out in VR meant I had no time to use them. Something for the rest of the week, perhaps.

The bed is covered in animals again. I hope we get some sleep.

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