Another rude awakening

Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep on the bedroom floor while my wife was reading the girls their bedtime stories, and then I fell asleep again while cuddling Destroyer down to sleep. That made it a bit harder for me to get to sleep at a more reasonable time than 8pm, but I managed it.

Then La Serpiente came in and decided to sleep the wrong way round on our bed, so I woke up with a six year old’s feet in my face. Thanks, dear.

Perhaps I should have tried to carry her back to her room, but I guessed I’d trip over the mess in the bedroom, so I went to her bed instead, to be woken what felt like five minutes later, because Thursday is early start at school day, and so we had to be there for 7:25.

So,without breakfast or a shower, I took her there, then missed the bus by a minute and had to wait in the cold for the next one to come. I shouldn’t really complsin; I got to take a shower at work and have breakfast there, so this wasn’t the worst day in my life. I should have brought a comb though, as I looked like a total shambles all day. Onward, ever onward.

I got home, put the kids to bed, tried to look for my paints for my Blood Bowl team, failed to find them, had a game that I very nearly lost, but by some assiduous tactical play (running to the other end of the pitch and waiting) managed to eke out a 2-2 draw. So that was nice.

And so, on to the morning. The girls don’t have school tomorrow so I assume this will be one day they don’t decide to wake us in the night. And with my wife passed out on the sofa, they wouldn’t be able to find us anyway.

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