Another sunny Sunday

Again, the sun came up, the skies were blue, and we took about two hours to get the girls out of the house and walking down to Ballard. At least this seems to be a routine of some sort: we walk, they get a biscuit to share at 59th (a biscuit in the American vernacular is more like an unsweetened scone to us Brits), make it down to the market, if they’re lucky get a hot dog, and then home again.
La Serpiente had two hot dogs today because she was especially hungry. That was good. On the way back they squabbled over a climbing frame, which was less good, but then we came upon an impromptu jazz recital in the front yard of somebody’s house: a double bass, a huge saxophone, a keyboard player and a drummer, all blasting away in the summer sun. So that was a cool diversion.

We got the kids home, I got out for my run (a mile time trial in the baking heat, where I did an acceptable 6:35 mile) and then after that I was a raddled mess. The girls were okish for the evening but flagging because we’d worn them out, so I put them to bed and then played a couple of games of Blood Bowl, losing the first and then winning the second 3-1 against a Finnish guy who seemed annoyed with the team he’d chosen to play. So that was my day. And so to bed. (or at least sleeping on the sofa tonight to not disturb anyone else…)

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    • They make a big fuss, but it’s basically a scone / savoury teacake. I miss crumpets, etc

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