Another tired day

I fetched the girls from their school today and walked them down the hill and home. La Serpiente slipped and grazed her knee at the top of the hill but was quite stoic about her injury, especially as I bought her and her sister ice creams. Then we plodded home (I was feeling brutally tired) and after I showered them and Destroyer had an emotional collapse when she spilt her milk (seriously, there’s no point crying over that) my wife put them to bed and I played Blood Bowl for a couple of hours. (The girls insisted that I get a Blood Bowl themed cake for my birthday – would I be able to commission a shop to decorate a sponge cake with an orc and an elf punching each other in the face?)
It’s been a short week but with two days of concentration at the conference, I feel totally exhausted. Sitting down in a darkened room and listening to people talk will do that for you. On the positive side, my knee is healing and my left hand is looking more and more bruised but is also more and more mobile, so I guess it’s healing.

My wife packed a suitcase today, which was highly productive. She also managed to somehow jam one of the windows in the living room shut, which was less so, but at least that’s better than jamming it open with all these rainstorms. Something to figure out tomorrow…

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