Another tiring day

I thought I’d get a good night’s sleep, and I did, except I woke at 5 this morning and had to read ten pages of a disappointing book about a warlock who frequents Alcoholics Anonymous meetings before I went back to sleep. And then of course I woke up totally knackered at 7.
After work I had just enough time to get home and try to persuade the girls to eat their dinner, and then rush back out for my training session at the climbing wall. I was hoping I’d be a bit more energetic today, versus last week when I was worn out.

Today we did some endurance work, where to make things harder I had to do tow simple problems, but match my hands on each one, and then do two much harder problems. Because I had to double my hand holds on the first two problems, I ended up working my arms much more, since I couldn’t just rely on length to get myself through each route.

Then I was hot and sweaty, and routes I’ve done before began to defy me. There was one where in the past I’ve hauled myself up by wrapping my forearm round a big volume. This time my forearm was so sweaty I just slid right off. There were others I’d never attempted before that I got on my first or second attempt, but mostly it was a lot of struggle, and so I looked forward to my last few minutes when I could concentrate on trying to stand on my head.

Thus far, this consists of a lot of downward dog, sometimes with my feet raised to make work harder for my shoulders. My forearms were so cooked from the first part of the session that they were the limiting factor, but I think I’m getting slightly stronger as a result. I need to do more exercise in between sessions though; last week I only managed 90 seconds of trying to stand on my head and that wasn’t enough to maintain strength. All this flying around the world isn’t so helpful for maintaining fitness.

Anyway, after an hour of that we were done and I went home, broken. Tomorrow I’ll be better.

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