Another week draws to a close

Needing more excitement in my life, I followed the instructions to update the in car entertainment and navigation system this evening. That meant downloading files for an hour, transferring them to a USB stick (another two hours), then putting the USB stick in the car and finding the files weren’t set up quite correctly, and fixing that, and then having to leave the car with the engine on and the keys inside for four hours while it updated itself. I’m still not quite sure why I’m doing this, because I’ve never noticed any problems with the various systems of the car before, but isn’t it nice to be up to date?
Thus right now I’m sat in the car, watching a status bar gradually progress from zero to infinity, and only slightly worrying about whether the battery goes flat before this completes. Maybe when it’s done I’ll discover that it’s 28 GB of extra sound effects to play while driving the car around – whether that’s my long hoped for V12 engine noise, or the sound of a clown car, I don’t know, but I’m guessing it might not be worth the wait…

I took the girls out for macarons at a different local cafe today. This is one with substandard hot chocolate and slightly stale cookies. This is consistent, but because I only go there once every six months, I keep forgetting and then get reminded that I shouldn’t darken their door with my custom. Unlike software upgrades for a car, which are the triumph of hope over experience, this is just absentmindedness triumphing over memory.

Still, it’s been a week and a bit without coffee now. I feel soooo much more virtuous and finally not utterly asleep all day. Just the mornings.

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