Arguing about nothing

The kids were very recalcitrant today. They woke at seven after a long night where they kept coming in to our bed. While we recovered, they went downstairs and played, and when I eventually surfaced at nine and asked them to eat breakfast, they refused. I didn’t want to get into an argument so they didn’t have breakfast until ten.
Then they figured, on another rainy day in Seattle, that coats weren’t necessary, so when we went to the park and it rained, we had to go home again instead of getting soaked. After all this nonsense, I went back to bed, unable to cope any more with this idiocy.

A nap didn’t help much. My wife promised to make me a coffee but never did, and then I spent a bit of time trying to persuade them to be rational, before we all went out (in the rain) to look at Christmas lights. Truly, this was a time when VR should have saved us from leaving the house.

Fortunately, both kids went to sleep fast. Destroyer came down while we were watching Fat Man, a Mel Gibson film about Santa Claus, but she had a cup of water and then went back to bed without needing me to lie down next to her. And I beat La Serpiente at backgammon today, so I can achieve some things, I suppose. Probably not the right ones …

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