The plane landed two minutes early, while I was still motoring down to SeaTac. It turns out that the car parks are jam-packed on Wednesday mornings, and I only found a space when I spotted a man being helped out of a wheelchair into the back of a truck, then sat for five minutes waiting to take the space. Still, I got my parents and their luggage packed into my car (along with gratifying remarks about how nice our car is) and then brought them home in time to see the girls.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur: we roasted some chickens for dinner and after that everyone was flagging (we’d been up since 6 or earlier, my family since 6am yesterday in the UK) so they went to bed, Frogmorton discovered some catnip, and I watched the first Creed movie, reasonable, predictable guff about boxing. And so to bed…

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