Assembly and trying to finish things off

Today we assembled the girls’ second beanbag. My wife bought a pair of these from Amazon last week, and they’re quite neat: they come as a tightly packed roll of foam, which expands once unpacked over two days, until it’s twice the size it was shipped as. Then the girls help me to stuff the foam into a large corduroy bag, and there you are: beanbag. The girls had enjoyed jumping up and down on the foam, but hopefully sitting in matching beanbags will be as much fun.
I watched a film about a man going dead, Sound Of Metal, which stars Riz Ahmed, who played a terrorist in Four Lions. It was good, but obviously not a bundle of laughs, so perhaps I should have watched Bob’s Burgers after I’d seen Sound Of Metal, to pick me up, rather than before. Lessons are learned.

I got my box of paints out tonight as well and tried to finish off a few Blood Bowl miniatures. I made the mistake of having too many half done, and so I tried to do twelve goblins (fiddly, and a seemingly never-ending task, so not so much fun) before applying some rust to my Nurgle horrors and then covering their bases with fake sand. I’d meant to clean up all the little errors on my lizardmen but that was too much work after the goblins. On the positive side, the Nurgle players looked much better than I’d remembered. I still need to add some highlights as they look very drab, but I had lower expectations of myself than reality for a change.

And so to bed.

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