Baby’s Coming Back To Me

My wife got discharged from the hospital today, once she was able to eat food without pain, and once the doctors had run the necessary tests. Apparently the gallstone that had been blocking her bile duct was one of the largest the surgeon had ever seen, so I guess we can get competitive over gall- and kidney- stones. Or not.
Supplied with medication, and quite worn out, my wife fell asleep and promptly had a nightmare, probably brought on by the meds, and after I’d calmed her down a bit and the cat had chased a spider around the bedroom, she crashed out again and I did a bit of Blood Bowl admin, then prepared to go to sleep myself. And then noticed that we have door handles in the basement! Everything is gradually improving, I must say…

Anyway, glad to have my wife back. Not sure if this is a multi month recovery or how long it will take, but home first.

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