Back and forth in a single day

I walked La Serpiente to school today, although school doesn’t actually start for her tomorrow. I felt it best that we verified how long it would take to get her from the front porch to the school. (Just under ten minutes.) Then we walked home, and then I rode my bike to work.
I was a little quicker than yesterday because I followed more cyclists and so found my way to the bike path, but then I was slowed down by some workmen digging up part of the cycle path. Still, I was at the office in 25 minutes, which beats taking the bus.

When I rode home, I was worried about the huge hills, but the first part of my ride went very quickly. I think that the path around South Lake Union may be slightly downhill on thr way home, which explains why it saps the joy out of me when I ride it in the morning.

I then got lost on the cycle path but only by overshooting my turn by a block, rather than riding all the way west across Seattle, so my ride home took about 5 minutes longer than the ride out. I got home to find the kids in the playground, La Serpiente in good spirits but so exhausted from a day of play that she was falling over. They went to sleep fast, but then my wife fell asleep on the floor for two hours too. That’s the bad thing about comfortable carpets.

Anyway, to bed now. 630 wake ups mean late nights are self destructive…

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