Back at it

I had only 452 emails to sort through when I got back to work today, and I’ve managed to dispatch half of them already. Still, the mental adjustment of returning to staring at a screen, coupled with a more sedentary lifestyle, have left me feeling exhausted, mind wiped by 5pm.
The girls, on the other hand, returning to school for their first day today, came home energised and full of excitement. I guess running around all over the place is good for you.

This evening, Destroyer and I played catch in the garden for half an hour, a much preferential option compared to being stuck in a basement, and then I read them two chapters of The Golden Compass. They chirped and gibbered for a third, but they need their sleep in order to survive the 6:45 wake up for school.

As usual, I fell asleep next to them, and woke at 9:30. That gave me time to read the final volume of Doomsday Clock, a sequel of sorts to Watchmen that ends on a much more positive note than the original. Which, as I age, I like more than the grimness of the 1985 version. And so to bed.

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