Back from Bergen

Today we went to the aquarium in Bergen. It’s fun: we arrived just as they were feeding the penguins, who rejoice in ridiculous names like Pingu Starr. I didn’t realise quite how much my girls love looking at fish (especially flat fish and rats) and after we’d checked everything out, we went down the street and ate very good pizza.
I messed up on flight times and so we went to Bergen Airport an hour earlier than necessary (Bergen Airport has a frankly ridiculous sign outside reading "Bergen?" as if the town itself isn’t sure what its name is) and then we hung around for three hours waiting for our flight.

Our flight back was on time, which was good, because around the time we got back some clown started flying a drone around Gatwick and that stuffed up all the flights coming in after us. We took a while to get through customs (non-EU passports aren’t so great, which suggests life will be much less fun post-Brexit) and then we got home in 45 minutes, our poor children falling asleep in the taxi on the way back.

Now, they still slumber, and I hope they’ll be asleep through until morning. Some hope of that.

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