Back on the wall, back off the wall

I don’t remember going climbing since September, when I signed up for a year’s membership at my climbing gym, so I went back there this afternoon to get half an hour in.

I’ve lost a fair amount of strength, and my waistline is getting bigger, so I was limited to the easier climbs. There were still some things I could do, but it was a lot more focus on grunt and not on finesse, which is never good.

On the last route of the evening, this delivered some pain: a blister had begun to build up on the second joint of my right little finger, and on a particular hard pull I managed to pop it, leaving a flap of skin over an open wound, and then having to very gingerly drive home while trying not to make contact with the steering wheel. Now both my hands are sore from the exertion, and my legs too. But at least I’ve got out on the wall again. Now to do so without hurting myself…

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