Back to Bainbridge

It was La Serpiente’s sixth birthday, so this morning we unwrapped presents before I went to work. I had a reasonably productive day, where people listened to my advice, and then at 1 my family met me for lunch and we then took the ferry to Bainbridge Island.
We first went there with La Serpiente the week of her first birthday, and she enjoyed riding on the swings at the playground. So, five years later, we returned to the same playground and she rode a bigger swing, much higher. Then we went for ice cream, shopped for books and then had to rush to get the ferry home, then got stuck in rush hour traffic for the best part of an hour.

All through this, the girls were good. Tired after 13 hours awake, dinner was a little fractious, but I had them asleep in 10 minutes, which was as well because we had friends visit for cheese and wine at 8pm,and we got quite raucous until midnight, when La Serpiente woke up and wanted to meet them.

And so to bed. Tomorrow I’m off to San Jose, so I hope I’m not hungover…

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