Back to the dentist

I had to go back to the dentist today to have an attachment reattached. When I got there, they were surprised that another one had fallen off, and told me to keep on the look out. But it’s not like o have a comprehensive set of mirrors and tools on the ends of small sticks to check what’s on my teeth, so I was a little nonplussed.
Anyway, some more grinding and whirring ensued, which took about an hour, and then I went back to work and spent the afternoon humming and hawing and trying to avoid being blinded by the bright light outside. You know, that strange thing known as the sun, which we haven’t seen for so long.

In the evening, a bit of VR boxing, defeated by a flat battery, an hour or two of TV, some more boxing, and then to bed.

And in all this I’ve not talked about the madness of the house renovation. More on that tomorrow….

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